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Principle characteristics of stamping parts processing

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Principle characteristics of stamping parts processing

Punching parts and castings, forgings, thin, uniform, light, relatively strong characteristics. Stamping can also be produced by other methods. It is difficult to make ribs, ribs, rolling or flanging workpieces to increase their hardness. As precision molds, precision parts to micron level, high repetition accuracy, the same specifications, so you can hit the eye Nest, boss and so on.

It is generally not processed by cold stamping parts, or only a small amount of cutting is required. The hot metal is lower than the cold stamping parts precision and surface state, but still higher than the casting, forging, mechanical processing inferior.

Stamping is an efficient production method. Using composite die, especially in multi-position step die, it can be achieved and completed in a multi-stamping process. It can be flattened, stamped, and fully automated. production. High efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, can produce hundreds per minute.

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