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The characteristics of three kinds of radiator process in heat sink processing

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The characteristics of three kinds of radiator process in heat sink processing
First of all, about the cast zinc aluminum alloy shell, the current thermal conductivity of the cast zinc aluminum alloy shell is about 96W/M.K, plus the attached oxidation residue, as well as surface oil injection or plating, the actual thermal conductivity is even worse. If aluminum alloy is used to cast LED lamp cups, Pressure casting fins are very thick, which causes a small heat dissipation area, which is not conducive to heat dissipation. Because the surface can only be sprayed oil or electroplating can not be anodized, the use time will be longer and the surface will have a peeling phenomenon, which will affect the beauty. Aluminum profile CNC turning radiator, material for aluminum alloy 6061, its thermal conductivity of about 180W/M.K, heat dissipation fins can be made of 1 mm, large heat dissipation area, good heat dissipation performance, But its bottom and fins are machined separately in numerical control lathes and then riveted together, and the riveting area is carefully controlled, and if not properly matched, it will loosen to produce waste. Therefore, its riveting site will inevitably produce thermal resistance, affecting the heat dissipation effect, and the use time may also be long due to hot rise and cold contraction resulting in cracks. The cold forging all-in-one radiator is a 1070 pure aluminum blank material placed in a precision cold forging die, which is produced by the extrusion of the press to produce plastic deformation. Only the arc of the end and blade requires NC lathe processing, which saves valuable raw materials and processing time. Reduced production costs. Everyone knows that the two major problems that hinder the development and popularization of the LED lighting industry are heat dissipation performance and price. The heat dissipation performance of cold forging LED radiators has a great advantage, and the price is also cheaper than that of aluminum profile riveting radiator, which is particularly suitable for mass production.

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